Rachmad Imron – games

Founder of a game studio, Digital Happiness, famous for their DreadOut horror game. Another popular title was virtual reality game DreadEye VR, which nominated as one of the best VR games on Gamers Voice Awards SXSW 2018 that was held in Austin, Texas, USA. DreadOut was recently being adapted into live action movie directed by Kimo Stamboel from The Mo brothers. DreadOut Movie is expected to be release in early 2019 as an international project collaboration and became the first Indonesian movie adaptation based from local video games intellectual property.

Pendiri studio game Digital Happiness yang terkenal dengan game bergenre horror-nya, Dread Out. Selain DreadOut, ada juga karya lain beliau yang juga populer yaitu game virtual reality DreadEye. DreadEye mendapat sambutan baik dari para pengunjung event internasional SXSW 2018 yang berlangsung di kota Austin, Texas, Amerika Serikat.